S.P. Pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility is equipped with high end and sophisticated automatic pharmaceutical machineries.

Tablet Manufacturing

RMG-150 Litres, FBD-60 Kg, Conta blender-60 Kg, Tableting Machines 3 Nos. (D tooling 35, 27 and 16 stations.) Blister Packing, Strip Packing and many more...

R&D and Product Development

RMG-25 Litres, RMG-5 Litres, Vibro-shifter-8”, Tray dryer and Tableting Machine 8 station

Oral Liquid Manufacturing

Two head volumetric filling machine, Single head ROPP capping machine, Semi-automatic labelling machine and many more...

DCG (Directly Compressible Granules)

RMG-150 Litres, FBD- 60 Kg, Conta blender-60 Kg, Mass mixture 100 litres, Sachet (Pouch) Packing machine.

Quality Control Department

Two HPLC Systems, HPTLC, FTIR, Dissolution test apparatus, UV Visible spectro-photometer, Autotitrator and many more...


16 Nos. HVAC Systems with Terminal HEPA filtration to maintain class 100 air, Closed loop hot water recirculation system 300 Litres, Compressed air 900 Kg/cm2

The entire manufacturing area having epoxy flooring, The joint of walls are coved to avoid dust accumulation, Polyurethane painted walls and clean room doors etc...

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